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27 September 2006

Wish on a Star Wednesday #9

I know I missed a Wednesday or two in there but I think there have been plenty of wallpapers in between (the majority of the images I post are desktop wallpaper size). This is an official Wednesday posting so we are wishing on a star!!

Today we are getting ready to say good bye to our Happiest Celebration on Earth. We celebrated from 05/05/05 until 09/30/06. It has been a wonderful 18 months so full of history, tradition and memories that I hate to see it end. This paper celebrates the life and times of Walt Disney's first dream - Disneyland.

Don't forget - 10/01/06 is the first day of a Year of a Million Dreams!! I can't wait to make even more dreams come true...

Be good poppets while I'm gone. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What's the story morning glory... where have you been? I miss you!!!