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31 March 2007

30 March 2007

Pictures from Dani's Track Meet

1st meet - Held at Hudson High School - came in 2nd place
2nd meet - Held at Mitchell High School - came in 1st place
Dani bested her times by 30 seconds in both her events, 110 mtr hurdles and 800 mtr race.
My little speed racer!!

Dani and Macy talking during the Track and Field Events
Dani and Macy doing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" in the middle of the field
Dani is in the middle lane - game face on!
Dani is at the end of the frame during the first lap of the 800 meter race
Dani is behind the third girl in purple during the first lap of the 800 meter race

Getting ready to stretch out - Hudson Middle School track team
Dani is talking to a team member with her science teacher - Coach Nero - not far away
Look at the size of this team!! Dan is on the right side, second over from Coach Nero
This is our "Game Face"
Jump Dani!!

29 March 2007

My Little Track Star!

This was Dani's first week of track meets and I must say that I am so proud of her! She was chosen for the 110 mtr hurdles and the 800 mtr race. Not only has done a great job of working through these items - she has improved her time each race!!

I will have pictures up soon - too tired now to upload them - but you can see my little "cougar" in action.

26 March 2007

Vinemont, Alabama

Daddy got a job today - and this is where we will eventually end up... See the little star under Decatur - yep, that's it.

I have mixed emotions. I know that I will never find a job that I love as much as working at Disney and it breaks my heart to leave but the reality is that I don't get paid enough to support myself so I will HAVE to move with my family. I think it sucks right now that I will not be a cast member forever. I am also excited to move somewhere else and experience new things along with old things I've missed. I'll see the leaves change again... actual seasons, I'll be closer to my brother and some old friends, I'll get to try new things and move - I've always had a bit of wanderlust but I attribute that to always moving as a child.

So I congratulate my father on getting a new position and I hope he loves it as much as I love my current position. I also cry over the exact same things.

25 March 2007

Happy Birthday Dani!

My baby turned 14 this Saturday - can you believe it? She had two lovely little girls and one obnoxious one spend the night on Friday.
Saturday morning they went home, I let one stay a little later since I really like her. She is a sweet and well tempered girl - a joy to have around really - so I called her mother and asked if she could stay until supper. Then we had our family party and rushed out after to spend her B.A.M. gift card because goodness knows it was burning a hole in her pocket!!

Note to others: When having a sleep over with teenagers, limit the guest list to two because any more than that and someone feels left out and then becomes a raging arse to the rest of the group.
Birthday girl/Hostess and two other girls... that is it, trust me.

22 March 2007

MAY 25, 2007


21 March 2007

Telephone Scam

I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was conducting a test on the telephone lines.

He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused.

Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number. I

was further i nformed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE. The GTE Security Department requested that I share this information with EVERY ONE I KNOW.

After checking with Verizon they also said it was true, so do not dial 90# for anyone !!!!!

Disney Look

So, our company was built on Heritage, Tradition and Values. It's that simple. There are certain things that we believe and that we follow because - well, we're Disney. That should be enough, right?

We believe these things so strongly that our first day of work is not call "Orientation"... nope... it's called "Traditions" and one of the greatest honors is being a Traditions Assistant... something I am comtemplating but that is another story.

Disney has a cute little red book called "The Disney Look Book" and it houses our dress code. This little beauty is printed and handed to each new Cast Member on their Traditions day. It states what "good show" and "bad show" look like and everything in between.

One single pair of earrings, matching set, in a traditional and subtle style, no larger than a quarter. Those are guidelines for women's jewelry regarding earrings. If you have double piercings or more then you may only wear the one pair located on the bottom of your ear lobe. Sounds simple, right?

I had a cast member today who I noticed did not have her bottom pair in but did have two other pairs in. I was talking to her and said "you forgot your bottom earrings" to which she replied "No, I had to take them out because they were too big and outrageous". This is a sign that she knew what the Disney Look was regarding earrings. I went on to state that she was not in Disney Look because she forgot to take out her other two pairs. I smiled and was very pleasant and conversational in the delivery. No problem, right?

She went off on me!! She said that it was completely unreasonable and she was not going to take them out and if I had to fire over it then so be it. Then my cast member stormed off in a huff. Normally, I would have let it go with a verbal warning and called it done but since she acted like a horses rear I went there. I got a copy of The Book, cleared another Leader's calendar so he could sit in, verified protocol with my leader AND with a member of HR - then I called her into a small counceling room located at the end of the hall.

You would think that the person would have had time (30 minutes actually) to realize that they were being a bit over the top and comply - it's a pair of earrings for the love of Pete. Nope, she went off again and threw in a "I'm completely disappointed in you for bringing this up" to boot. Oh yeah. I kid you not! So I maintained my composure and after it was all said and done I asked if this meant that she was going blatantly disregard policy and is refusing to remove her earrings. She said yes and I responded with that was fine and I was going to have to now bubble it up to HR and will advise her of the next actions that will be taken.

My ultimate question is this - why do people have to find a fight in everything? There are rules and guidelines in place for a reason. We don't create them for fun because we are bored. We create them because they are needed. We don't enforce them because we are wanting to pick on people or be tyrants. Without rules and guidelines things would be out of control.
So please do me one favor, the next time someone states a policy or procedure simply follow it. You'll be much better for it - everyone will.

20 March 2007

Tah-Tah T.S.A on St. Patty's Day

Yep, you read it right... I get to say Tah-Tah to my T.S.A. Leader spot... nope, no more Temporary Salaried Assignment for me.


Yeah baby, that's right. I will never be a floor agent again because I rock as a leader!! Normal TSA positions run for 6 months and then get extended by 6 months while the Powers That Be make up their minds on head count and performance. Yeah, I have only been a leader for 6 months!!

Last Wednesday, Rose Mary asked me to fill out a paper that was basically like a one sheet highlight of my performance as a leader. I didn't have that many months to go off of so I started the comparison back in July before I took them over fully in October. It was fabulous. Things looked so much more "wow" factorish when on paper too!!

So yesterday, before the Rally, Rose Mary asked me if a had a second. I popped in and she said "The break room looks really great and I love the way you did the tables. Wanda filled up some of the balloons since they were a little wrinkly when we got in." I said thank you for both items and she stood up and grinned at me and said "Oh yeah, as of today.... you are a statused Part Time Dine Leader". I flipped, I was so happy. I thanked her and was to giddy to sit through a boring meeting but managed to do it. She said that she wanted to announce to the team at our meeting that afternoon so I had to keep quiet for almost three hours... hello, people. Have we met? I can't keep good news in for three hours - so I did what any person would do. I wrote an email on my blackberry to my family and best friend during the Rally telling them about it... then I found people who weren't on my team, and more importantly, don't associate with anyone on my team and I told them!!

So yes, it was a magical day all the way around - some of my cast excluded but that is a different post. Not raining on this parade!!

Be good poppets and I'll see you later on! XOXOXO

18 March 2007

Calming Down

Hey there poppets! I know it has been a while but things have been anything but calm around here. I needed to take some time to take care of myself and my family. I will give you a quick update and then I need to get cleaned up for work. I promise that "quick updates" will not be my new format... plus I have pictures!!

  1. I am up to become a Statused Leader!! Will explain more in separate posting.

  2. Dani made the Track Team and is going to compete in the 100 mtr, 200 mtr and long jump areas. She is really good!

  3. Sami is talking up a storm and her favorite thing is to go shopping! Heaven help us.

  4. Went to WDW on Feb 23 - 25 and then turned around 3 days later and went back from Mar 1 - 3... it was fun!!

Here are some updated pictures of the past month and a half so I'll be sure to explain more later... must hose off and head out to make magic. Love to all, I've missed you and I will be sure to get to my regular posting routine... I promise!