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22 June 2008

While He's In The Shower

So it's our second day on our honeymoon and we are getting ready to go to Flagler College to see the Tiffany stained glass collection along with a tour of San Sebastian Winery. I'll give you an up date over the past few days.

We got married on Pass-A-Grille Beach in St. Pete where we had our first date... in the exact same spot where we had laid down our blanket and spent those first 6 hours just talking the night away. It was wonderful. It was a quiet little ceremony with Paster Larry, my brother and his wife, our parents, our kids and two friends of mine. Then we went back to Mom's house for the reception which was cute. After that - off we went on the honeymoon!!

Traffic from the backside of Orlando was HORRIBLE! Just proves that there is no point going past Disney, as nothing good can happen - at least not on I4. It took us two hours just to go that short distance and it wasn't even supper traffic yet. We managed to somehow get to Alexander Homestead just before her 7 p.m. check-in cut off time.

We are spending our first few days here in St. Augustine with Ms. Bonnie at her Bed and Breakfast, or as we keep saying "Bread and Beckfast" because let's face it, it's hard to say!! Yesterday we wandered the entire city, looking at all the shops on St. George street and buying some really cool things. Our favorite purchases were the paintings we bought for the house. I'll take some pictures once we get them hung up. We've decided that this trip we weren't going to eat at any chain restaurants so hunting down places to eat has been fun.

The whole B&B thing is an interesting experience. The hardest part is not having coffee when we get up. We seem to be rising about 6ish but coffee doesn't get delivered until 7:30 so we've been hanging out on our own private front porch. During our stroll yesterday we found a place called "Crucial Coffee - Nectar of the Gods" and it's our small town Starbucks fix. They can do all the specialty drinks we love and the people are so cute!!

I've added a few photos but now I have to get ready since he's almost done in there. I just wanted to tell everyone good morning and let y'all know that married life is absolutely wonderful... now if I can only remember to actually answer to my new name!!