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18 September 2006

Betty - This one's for you!

Since my friend Betty loves Autumn so much (and thank you for not calling it fall - such an ugly name for such a beautiful time of year) I thought I would give her this little gift. I was going to save it for Saturday but she keeps adding autumnal pictures to her site, The Grey Cat Diary, (http://betty-mcarthur.blogspot.com/) that I figured she just can't wait any longer.

Just for you Betty. I love ya! Posted by Picasa


BettyMac said...

I can't wait! Friday is going to take forever to get here. Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. We are going to get into the upper 50s (at night) this week. :o)

P88hBear said...

The first day of Autumn is on Saturday... and I am hoping that we will get below 90 something degrees.

Our "cold snap" doesn't usually happen until late January or early February and it only lasts about two weeks. But let me tell you, I love those two weeks!