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27 September 2006

Wish on a Star Wednesday #9

I know I missed a Wednesday or two in there but I think there have been plenty of wallpapers in between (the majority of the images I post are desktop wallpaper size). This is an official Wednesday posting so we are wishing on a star!!

Today we are getting ready to say good bye to our Happiest Celebration on Earth. We celebrated from 05/05/05 until 09/30/06. It has been a wonderful 18 months so full of history, tradition and memories that I hate to see it end. This paper celebrates the life and times of Walt Disney's first dream - Disneyland.

Don't forget - 10/01/06 is the first day of a Year of a Million Dreams!! I can't wait to make even more dreams come true...

Be good poppets while I'm gone. Posted by Picasa

25 September 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It's off to D.U. I go...
to learn about benefits of salaried employees...
Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho

I'll let you know how my first class at Disney University goes... When I get out of class I have to finish my qualitative leader rating scores and submit them... they are due before noon on Tuesday and I don't want my first month to be late since I will be off on Tuesday to make up for the loooong day today... must run and get fixed up now... apparently the air conditioning men will be here to do a check up on the unit and the only entry into the duct-work is through my closet!

Be good poppets and I'll talk to you later on tonight.

24 September 2006

Parkhopping Pro

Look at my little angel. How can you not love this face? Such a super star! If only I could get the older one to let me take pictures of her too. She's gotten too fast for me to catch and sit on... one day, I'll get her up here too - maybe in shades and a bonnett - who knows. Have a magical day! Posted by Picasa

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

I don't know about you, but I hate to be scared. You will never find me at the place down I4 having the stew scared out of me... that just isn't fun in my book. Now I know that diversity makes the world go round and I respect that... but look at what we do for Halloween!


On September 15, 22, 29, and again on October 2, 5, 6, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, & 31.

Boo! Don't be afraid. The screams you hear are squeals of delight, not fright. Disney fantasy and Halloween fun come together on select nights from September 15 through October 31 for a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Seize this rare opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom® in costume, and trick-or-treat for candy and goodies with your favorite Disney Characters, all in their finest Halloween outfits. With special Halloween entertainment, this party is no trick — it's a real treat.

Event Highlights:

The expanded Mickey's "Boo-to-You" Halloween Parade — better than ever with the new "Goofy's Candy Factory" finale!

Trick-or-treating throughout Magic Kingdom® Park at numerous locations.

Happy HalloWishes fireworks spectacular — where the Disney Villains go trick-or-treating in the sky!

Characters decked out in their favorite costumes — so wear your's too.

The most popular Magic Kingdom® attractions.

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Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

September 29, 2006 - November 12, 2006

On September 28th I get a special cast preview from noon - 9pm so I will be sure to let you know about my experience. I am taking my mom, Sami and Dani (yes, I think it is a good reason to get out of school - what is more important than Disney heritage and tradition?).

I thought I would give you a little write up from our site (you know, the one I have a link to on the right over there) so you can make your plans to come down too!
Oh Yeah - the links work!

Embark on an epicurean adventure as the 11th Annual Epcot® International Food and Wine Festival showcases the flavors of the world. Explore marketplaces featuring regional and exotic foods and wines, learn from renowned chefs and sommeliers at special programs and demonstrations, and sample the finest cuisine from around the globe. Plus, be sure to savor the sizzling sounds of the "Eat to the Beat" concert series that stars a wide-ranging line-up of your favorite musical acts!

Visit the Festival Welcome Center for all Festival information, featuring wine seminars, the wine shop, marvelous merchandise and more — including Disney Gift Cards, which you can purchase for a handy way to pay for so much fun at the Festival!

Eat to the Beat Concert Series Epcot®September 29, 2006 - November 12, 2006Give your taste buds a rest and groove to the sounds of your favorite musical acts live on stage at this nightly concert series.

Festival Food & Beverage Culinary Experiences Epcot®Satisfy the gourmet within you at these exceptional dining experiences complete with delicious food, fine wine and great company.

Festival Dining Experiences Epcot®Indulge in sumptuous premium dining events prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world.

Fun for Families Epcot®Bring epicureans of all ages to these activities and exhibits that offer great fun and flavors for the entire family.

International Marketplaces Epcot®Sample the splendid traditional flavors of 26 countries and regions as you take a tasty trip through World Showcase.

Special Exhibits Epcot®Explore fascinating cultural exhibits that feature fabulous cuisine and wonderful demonstrations from countries and regions throughout the world. Take a culinary tour around the world. Tempt yourself at each marketplace with appetizer-sized portions averaging $2.00-$4.00. Savor the flavor with recommended food and beverage pairings at each stop on your journey, including two countries joining the Festival for the first time — Argentina and Thailand.

Africa: South Africa and Morocco

Eastern Europe: Poland and Turkey

Asia: Thailand, China, India and Japan

North America: Canada, United States, Wild and Wonderful Florida Shrimp, Hops & Barley Market

Latin America: Mexico, Chile and Argentina

Pacific Rim: New Zealand and Australia

Continental Europe: France, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Oktoberfest and Champagne

Northern Europe: Scandinavia
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23 September 2006

Have You Heard...

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Happy Fall Y'All!

I thought that I would post these little beauties for y'all to celebrate the season! Enjoy - more to come later on today. Be good poppets and I'll see you soon. Posted by Picasa

22 September 2006

Eye of the Tiger, Daddy!

A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.

Vince Lombardi

In Case You Couldn't Tell...

My daddy isn't going to have the best of days of days today and I wanted to send him out a little encouragement - just like he always does for me.

This is how I see you Daddy...

Facing a mirror you see merely your own countenance; facing your child you finally understand how everyone else has seen you.

Daniel Raeburn, The New Yorker, 05-01-2006

21 September 2006

For My Daddy

I've always followed my father's advice: he told me, first to always keep my word and, second, to never insult anybody unintentionally. If I insult you, you can be goddamn sure I intend to. And, third, he told me not to go around looking for trouble.

John Wayne 1907 - 1979

20 September 2006

Our Lost Icons

Every generation has one - my father had Elvis, we had Princess Diana and now Dani has Steve Irwin. We were in our resort room at Disney's Beach Club because Dani wasn't feeling 100% so we decided that it was best to rest for a bit before heading out again, if at all. So we each climbed into our respective beds and turned on the television. There they played a blurp and ended with the comment about the legacy he left behind. Dani was curious what that meant and I told her how they usually say that about people who have died and they are explaining about their life. She said that it was about the Crocodile Hunter ~ he was too young to be dead. This had her glued so we waited for the commercials to end to get the full story. Sure enough, Steve Irwin had died. Dani was so upset that she called home to Nana and Pop to let them know. This was a person she "grew up" with and adored. We all had to watch the hours upon hours of him yelling Crikey and exploring the world and the animals in it.

I found this article on Inside Yahoo! and thought that it was worth posting here. As an adult, I found him entertaining and educational for my child. My child found a friend.
By DENNIS PASSA, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 10 minutes ago

BEERWAH, Australia - "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin was remembered Wednesday for his "great zest for life" at a public memorial service for the beloved conservationist and entertainer.

"We have lost a friend, a champion," actor
Russell Crowe' name=c1> SEARCH
News News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Russell Crowe said in a recorded tribute. "It will take some time to adjust to that."
Prime Minister John Howard, among the 5,000 in attendance at the Australia Zoo for the ceremony, remembered Irwin for his love of Australia.
"Steve Irwin touched the hearts of Australians and touched the hearts of millions around the world in a very special way," said Howard. "He did that because he had that quality of being genuine, of being authentic, of being unconditional and having a great zest for life.
"Throughout his all-too-short life he demonstrated a love for the two things that ought to matter more to all of us than anything else — his love of his family and his love of his country."
A exuberant television entertainer and conservationist, Irwin, 44, died Sept. 4 when the barb from a stingray pierced his chest while he was filming for a TV show on the Great Barrier Reef. His family held a private funeral service for him on Sept. 9 at Australia Zoo.
The ceremony Wednesday featured footage of the hugely popular television program that coaxed laughter from the attendees.
As expected, there was one empty seat at Irwin's personal stadium — the one set aside for the late and hugely popular "Crocodile Hunter" himself. On the stage sat Irwin's widow, American-born Terri, and their two children, Bindi, 8, and Bob, 2 — all dressed in Irwin's favored khaki outfit. It was their first public appearance since Irwin's death.
"Please do not grieve for Steve, he's at peace now," said Steve's father, Bob Irwin. "Grieve for the animals. They have lost the best friend they ever had, and so have I."
Later, Bindi Irwin told the crowd at the ceremony that she had the "best daddy in the world."
"I will miss him every day," she said.
Flags on the Sydney Harbor Bridge flew Wednesday at half-staff, and giant television screens were set up in Irwin's home state of Queensland for people to watch the service. Three of Australia's main television networks carried the hour-long ceremony, which was made available to U.S. and international networks and which family officials said could be watched by as many as 300 million people.
One of Irwin's favorite Australian country singers,
John Williamson' name=c1> SEARCH
News News Photos Images Web' name=c3> John Williamson, sang one of the naturalist's favorite songs, "True Blue."
At the end of the ceremony, Irwin's utility vechicle, packed with camping gear and his favorite surfboard, was driven from the stadium — through an honor guard of Australia Zoo employees — to an encore singing of "True Blue."
After the truck left the stadium, a group of employees spelled out Irwin's catchword "Crikey" in yellow flowers on the ground.
Crowds began lining up Tuesday night for the start of the memorial service. Later, under sunny skies just before the start of the ceremony, dozens of television satellite transmission trucks were parked outside the zoo, a flora and fauna park owned by the Irwin family since 1970.
Irwin's death set off an unprecedented outpouring of grief. Tens of thousands traveled to the zoo near Brisbane to drop off flowers and other mementoes, many of them signing khaki shirts instead of a condolence book.
Since Irwin's death, his conservation charity Wildlife Warriors has seen a surge in donations and its Web site has received millions of hits.
As part of the public memorial entitled "He Changed Our World," actress
Cameron Diaz' name=c1> SEARCH
News News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Cameron Diaz said in a video presentation that Irwin was incredibly popular in the United States.
"America just flipped for him," said Diaz. "Every kid was in love with the idea of being him."
Kevin Costner' name=c1> SEARCH
News News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Kevin Costner said Irwin put himself "out there" for everyone to see.
"He was fearless," said Costner in the video tribute. "He let us see who he was. That is being brave in today's society."

19 September 2006

Life Imitates Art

This is what I feel like this week. Meetings galore and having to go in to work three hours or so before I am actually scheduled to be there.. then I have to figure out how to "reclaim" those hours since I am only "allowed" to work 28 hours a week. Keep in mind that my week starts on Sunday... I am only into my third day and by the time today is done I will have worked 27 hours already. I still have one more day after today!!

Now I know part of the problem lies on me because I am dedicated and I do have things that need to get done but they are piled with things that I get elected to do or ideas I have come up with on my own for projects. If I was scheduled to work a 40 hour week I would probably put in about 60 hours. The best part is that it doesn't get on your nerves like other jobs. You know how if you work at that type of pace constantly that it wears you down... not so with Disney. It could be the nature of the work that I do or it could be the environment - either way it isn't something I notice unless I stop and think about it.

So today I have to be there by 1:30 for a Sales Explosion meeting. I have no idea what it is but I was "volunteered" ( or should I say VoluntEared). I'll let you know how it goes. Needless to say, I got home last night a little after midnight - checked on Sami who decided to wait up for me and then sang me the "Mama, Mama, Mama" song for an hour. I actually ended up sleeping in her room in the extra bed because when I left she would cry. Then she decides to get up at 6ish but due to my exhaustion I don't get up until 8:30! My body will not let me function on less than 8 hours of sleep a night... like, it physically will not wake up. This is a new development for me since I used to function on 3 hours not so very long ago!

Alright, my grandfather clock just struck 10 and I told myself I had to get off of here by 10 so I could get my shower and leave the house by 11:30. I will write more tonight since I plan on "reclaiming my hours" by watching NCIS from 8pm - 9pm and then heading out the door shortly afterwards... come to think of it - life isn't half bad.

Love y'all - hugs and kiss all around - and I will write more tonight or tomorrow! Be good Poppets until then. Posted by Picasa

18 September 2006

Oh, and Betty...

Have a Magical Monday this week!
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Betty - This one's for you!

Since my friend Betty loves Autumn so much (and thank you for not calling it fall - such an ugly name for such a beautiful time of year) I thought I would give her this little gift. I was going to save it for Saturday but she keeps adding autumnal pictures to her site, The Grey Cat Diary, (http://betty-mcarthur.blogspot.com/) that I figured she just can't wait any longer.

Just for you Betty. I love ya! Posted by Picasa

17 September 2006

99 Days Left!

Can you tell that we are entering my favorite time of year? I love the fall and winter months for many reasons. I was blessed to have grown up all over the East Coast of the United States so I have experienced many things. The one thing I will forever miss is snow at Christmas. That is why I am going to make it a new tradition to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party - so I can watch it snow. Since I just glanced at my calendar and noticed my little handwritten "100" at the bottom of yesterday's square I thought I would share my Christmas spirit with everyone a bit early. Posted by Picasa

Heritage and Tradition - The Cornerstone of Disney

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There is Magic in everything we do

You need to click on the picture to make it big enough to read the caption. The majority of my images are actually wallpapers for your computer. Some of them, this one for example, are authentic Disney images from our cast exclusive website called The Portal. Read the captions - they are not only informative but they show how truly spectactular Walt Disney was and how we try to carry on his traditions and heritage today. Posted by Picasa

16 September 2006

Special Treat!

Just a little treat for all my friends... because I know'd I done good when I picked y'all as my friend! Posted by Picasa

Buh-Bye Barnie's

So my daughter constantly drags me to the mall to go to Hot Topic because they have some anime items that she likes. See, she has this idea that she is somehow "goth chic" but in reality - yeah, it just ain't sticking! Anyway, I usually agree to go because I can go to Barnie's and get some coffee and things don't seem so horrible... come on, it's the mall.

Well, we go last night and to my horror I find that Barnie's gates are closed, the lights are off and their signage has disappeared. How I am I supposed to function at the haven for little snot nosed teenagers when there is no coffee? I walk up because I figured that there must be some mistake. Surely they would have left a nice venti mocha nonfat for me before they left, right? Wrong! Instead, they posted a sign saying that my podunk mall would soon the proud owner of a Starbucks!

This means that I don't have to drive forty forevers to get a decent cup of joe! I don't have to bribe myself into getting to work an hour early so I can run down to the one on the corner before my shift... I can have Starbucks whenever I want!!

I must have been a really good girl... thank you Santa.

Character and Integrity

During the one session at the Leadership Conference last week I found out my leadership style. My main focus is Character with my main discipline being integrity. I found it fascinating that I completely matched Walt in all areas - except boldness. Posted by Picasa

Sassy Little Pixie

I go out to the get mail today and there is an envelope addressed to me. Now I know what you are thinking, but this wasn't a typical envelope. It was in the shape of one I wanted to open. When I read the return address I really couldn't wait to open it.

This curious little envelope came from my friend Betty in Mobile. She happened to have been out shopping on the 13th and saw a cute little sticker of a sassy little pixie and thought of me. She picked it up and took the time to write a little note and mail it down to me.

How sweet is that? It is sometimes the smallest of things that make the biggest differences to a day.

Thank you Betty! You made my day. Posted by Picasa

14 September 2006

So True

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Leadership Conference 2006

So I went to the Conference yesterday and it was really informative. I had two sessions that were wonderful and I wished would have lasted longer or gone more in depth. I also had two sessions that were not what I was looking for but that is what you get when you walk up and register that day.

We all know me, I can't do the whole "fly by the seat of your pants" thing. I have to plan, just like Ray Kroc says "Plan your work and work your plan". I have done that for years and it is difficult for me to do things any other way. That being said - yesterday started off as a whirlwind and then I got a handle on things after the first session.

I actually changed my session schedule around after the first one because it was so not what I was looking for! I got the fabulous one on Leadership by way of Kindergarten Skills. Oh my word I learned so much in there that I can't wait to apply it to future team meetings. I actually wrote my agenda for my next meeting on Sunday when I got home last night. I'll tell you about it later.

My third session was entitle Global Leadership. I thought it would be about the Global Market and how to lead in those situations... nope. It was a panel that spoke about their leadership travels abroad. Entertaining but not what I was needing. Needless to say I excused myself once they opened the floor to Q&As. I reassigned my last class to be Learning Your Leadership Style... WOW! It was the best thing all day and I wanted that one to go on too but there wasn't anything I could do about it... it was time to call it day at 4 pm and drive back to Tampa.

All in all, a fabulous day and I learned a lot.. did some networking with other leaders in other areas of Walt Disney World. Spoke with Leah, who is the Rides and Attraction Leader for Fantasyland... so much fun! Met the Leader for Narcoossees... she was adoreable. Met Cesar and Shawn who both work in IT and were simply precious. It was just fun.

Why doesn't everyone work at Walt Disney Corporation? I swear, I won't work anywhere else! Posted by Picasa

13 September 2006

By The Way...

Where have Rob and Amber been? Haven't seen them all year - I miss them. Tell them to stop by and say hello. Posted by Picasa

12 September 2006

71 Days and Counting!

Everyone always says "Let's save the best for last"... why! This is my favorite (okay, I will say that a lot because I have a ton when it comes to these four hours of my life once a year) part of the entire parade. My family has learned through my 33 years of existance that I can not leave the parade until Santa comes. I get all excited and giddy... SANTA!!
This is the logo for this year because my beloved parade is turning 80!! Can you believe that this wonderful masterpiece.. this icon of Americana... the tradition of the most high is going to be 80 years old. That means that my great aunt, my father, myself AND my children have never known life without Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade... and thank the heavens for that!!
This is Tom the Turkey. He has been around for the entire 80 years of the Parade. There was talk of making him retire but no one would listen. What would the Parade be without the Grand Marshall of Ceremonies saying "Let's have a parade!" - nothing! Or no Broadway musical numbers held in front of the Macy's doors before the parade makes it way down the street - nothing! If these (for example purposes only I use this phrase) minut details can not be left do you think they could retire the icon of Tom the Turkey? I think not!!
Yes, even Mickey shows up - it isn't a parade (at least in my pixie heart) if Mickey isn't there. We even have a beautiful float with all our characters... it looks like our General Jackson steamboat. Last year, if memory serves me correctly, we had Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Chip & Dale, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and perhaps Prince Charming, Prince Philip and the Beast.

Oh I can not wait another 71 days!!!! Posted by Picasa