100 Acre Personality Quiz

16 July 2007

It's That Time of Year Again...

It's time for the Case Excellence Survey! This is a time when we take every single member of Walt Disney World (60,000 cast members) and give them the opportunity to anonymously state their feelings and opinions on the operations of the business unit. Everything is in there ranging from work environment, the work itself, your leader and the company as a whole.

I get to take one on myself, my leader and any partner that I work with who choses to have me fill one out. In turn; my leader, my cast and my chosen partners will fill one out on me. You have to love the 360 degree feedback.

At first I was nervous about it but to be honest, it's a great gift to be able to hear what the team and my peers think (as an average since it is anonymous). My cast (The Playhouse Pals) will be averaged out as a group and then as a separate group, my peers will be averaged out. The only one who I get to see exactly what was written is my leader. The good flip side is that my responses will be averaged with my peers for my leader since we are her cast.

Like I told my team, it isn't a time for "praising to the rafters" or to "condemn them to you-know-where", it is a time to voice your opinions and thoughts. If you would like to make a more passionate argument, please do so in a 1:1 fashion as that is the proper venue.

I did nothing more than answer honestly. It is not a pretty final picture but it was the truth. This is a woman who talks on the phone during my 1:1 time, gives me information that conflicts with what her leader tells me to do (whole other post, I promise) and generally plays favorites... so I let it out there.

Results will not be available until October 1 ~ the first day of the Fiscal New Year... woo hoo!! I'll keep you posted on how things turn out and what the results are all the way around. You see, one has to share the results with their direct reports so I will know what Rose Mary's turned out to be and The Playhouse Pals will know what mine turned out to be... neat huh.

04 July 2007

I Want You...

To have a Happy Independence Day!