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01 September 2006

Countdown to mini-vacation

I must say that one of the greatest perks of working for Walt Disney Company is that of "Super September". Every September (at least for the past three years since that is all the history I have) we cast members have been given a beautiful gift of discounted rooms and packages.

First off, let me clarify what I mean by discounted. We have a normal discount of 50% and for our Christmas presents on of them is 60% of a resort stay. We also have a billion other discounts available to us but let's stay focused on this right now. Super September is a "slower" time for us so that is when they make offers for us to go to the resorts. Last year we were given the Magic Your Way Plus Dining package at a deep discount. I took my family to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for a two night stay. It included our dining plan and park tickets for about $140!!

This year I am taking Dani to Disney's Beach Club Resort and we are going to do all the things we don't normally get to do because we have Samantha with us. My mother has graciously accepted to babysit for us so we can ride something else besides "It's A Small World". So my Super September offer was to stay at one of our Deluxe or DVC (Disney Vacation Club) resorts for $35 a night! Can you believe that - I certainly have a hard time with it at times.

I am very excited. We are going to The Spa (DGFR&S) to have a mani and a pedi combo and then we are going to race Sea Racers all over Cresent Lake... then we have supper plans one night Fulton's Crab House (another perk I have been sitting on - $100 gift certificate) and go shopping at Downtown Disney.

So, I have two more days to wait until I can throw some stuff in my suitcase and run out the door with my teenager and have a 'Big Girls' weekend. There will be times when I take Sami without Dani so there is no need to worry there... but this is going to be very special for us.


Debbie Stein said...

OHMIGOSH! That sounds so wonderful! Why can't Disney "do" Alabama?? Hey, do they outsource? Again - good worker in Alabama! Miss you - have fun you "Big Girls"!
Love to all,

P88hBear said...

But Deb, you could move here too! Be close to Uncle Bubbles, Emme, Kahla-Bug...

You know want to.. and your hubby will do whatever you want... don't deny it!

Come HOME!!

BettyMac said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I want to come too ;o)

P88hBear said...

Come on down - I'll be there around noonish if you'd care to join me.