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17 April 2008

I Was Right - He Was Up To Something!

He was up to something, I just knew it. Craig always comes over as soon as he can from work but last night was a bit odd. He had to "do something" before coming over and it would take him an hour and a half to get here. I know there's traffic over the Howard Franklin Bridge but good gravy!

I picked up Anastasia from school for him so he could come straight to the house. Dani, Sami and I drove the hour to go get her because my mom had a function at her work that she wanted us to go to... okay. It was fine and it gave Dani someone to play with instead of being the brooding bored teenager.

Craig finally shows up and I fix him a cup of coffee. He then gives me a kiss and says that he wants to talk to Annie, which I assume is about taking Friday off of school and the responsibility factor that would come with it. Yes, we're all going to Disney but it's a special treat that one must earn... blah, blah, blah... yadda, yadda, yadda.

After about twenty minutes the girls come running out of Dani's room hollering "Mom, Mom, Mom"... I am completley puzzled but fuss at them stating that I just put Sami down to bed and please lower their voices or they will wake her. I am quickly snatched by each child and rushed to Dani's room. Okay, they're freaky teenagers so that's nothing new. Odd to be this excited about a discussion but whatever.

In the room the girls sit attentively on the bed and Craig explains how they were talking about Anastasia staying out of school Friday to go up with us early instead of waiting for him to get home from work. Annie looks at me with her blue puppy eyes that resemble her father's so much it's scary. He then asks me what I think so I go into full mommy mode, interupted twice by the now awake and active toddler that is Sami.

After honest and lengthy ramblings on responsibility and school, I then admit that the reason she has gotten off so easily lately is because her father and I have been selfish. Craig then stands up and puts his arm lovingly around my waist as he always does. I look over at him and he is nodding while he states how much easier it would be if we all lived together. I agreed and said that one day it will be easier but right now we need to be better or the kids will turn out rotten and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Craig then looks down at me and says "Well, I guess we'll just have to get married then so the kids don't turn out rotten" and produces a ring from behind his back.

I was right, he was up to something... and I couldn't be happier for it!!