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08 October 2006

Can I Hide In There Too...

I came down to get Sami some juice and this is how I found her... just relaxing in her toy box. I want to relax in my toy box too. Between getting up with Sami, chasing her around, driving to work (yeah, it's 45 minutes at the least), working, driving home (now it's about 35 minutes), trying to fall asleep before 2 am and doing it all over again... then there are days when I have to go to Disney University which is a 2 hour drive if everyone remembers how to drive straight and doesn't do something stupid on the interstate.

Add to all that internet issues last week along with allergies compiled because I haven't had time to do a good cleaning and the change of season... yeah, not having a bunch of time to blog this past week. I will be able to get things down to more a rhythm soon as classes will slow down and our celebration has kicked off.

Patience poppets and we will be back on track soon.

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BettyMac said...

Looks like a cool place to hide! I can't believe how big she's getting... not a little baby anymore. Can't wait to hear what's new with you. I'm going on vacation next week, so my blog will be a bit slow. ;o)