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12 September 2006

Wish On A Star Wednesday #8

I know that it is only Tuesday but I have to be up by 3:30 am on Wednesday to be out the door by 4:30 am and at DRC by 6 am so we can all leave for the Leader Conference in Orlando... needless to say I don't normally get home til midnight or asleep until 1 am or sometimes 2. I am going to go in earlier today to get a few things done and then hopefully I can be out the door by 8 pm and asleep by 10... we'll see.

I chose Mulan this week because she is one of Dani's favorite characters. She is heavily influenced right now by the Asian themes and with my hours, I miss her. Granted I am off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but I still miss my baby girl. So here you go, Peanut. Mom-E put this up for you. I love you!

Remember, in order to get the wallpapers, you have to click on the picture which will open in a separate window and then simply right click and "Save image as...". Most of my wallpapers are 1024 x 728 so when you fit to the window they should all look proportionate.

Have a magical day everyone
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