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10 September 2006

Playhouse Pals Leader

Tonight will be my first time meeting my team. I am excited and a bit scared all at once. I have a list of who my team members are and a few I went through training and traditions with back in 2004! There are others whom I have not met and a few of whom I know their names and it will click once I see their faces.

We have our team meeting tonight, which Jill will run, and I will get to introduce myself. I made Walnut Fudge Brownies for them with sprinkles on top and chocolate chips. I hope they like them.

I also created a list of things that I am going to email to them so I can create CRM (create relationship magic) with my team. I'll post that separately. I am so excited about meeting my team that I went out and bought a new blouse for the occassion.

I am more nervous about getting off on the right foot as opposed to flubbing something up. That is the great thing about Disney - you can flub up and it's okay but if you don't work your hardest at CRM that is an entirely different story.

Wish me luck!


BettyMac said...

You'll have to let me know how things are going. How was your weekend with Dani? Did you take any photos?

P88hBear said...

I did but unfortunately I forgot my digital camera. Not to fear though, we purchased an underwater camera when we go there and all I have to do now is get it developed with a CD so I can post some pictures.

We had a great time - even sat down on the marina and watched a wedding (Dani took pictures too).

I promise to write more about it once I get the pictures developed but all in all it was a blast.