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01 September 2006

Late Night Ramblings...

Do you know what happens when those of us who work nights try to go to sleep - our minds wander... at least mine does. I'll make up strange and usual stories that travel down winding paths.

I'll watch old movies from my collection to see what happens - like I don't remember from the umpteen other times I've watched them. These are a few of my favorites... love Mr. Darcy in this one - splendid take from P&P and love the fact that Colin Firth played both... I would love to find my Mr. Darcy...

Hildago and Alfie... two very intersting stories and two very different fashions that I can relate to them.

At times I feel very much like Hildalgo himself... a little lost, a little sad but ever determined not to let it get to me or define me. I will embrace it and deal with it and let it become a part of me but not let it consume me.

Alfie, on the other hand, makes me cry... he reminds me too much of the past. I have learned that just because the package is appealing beyond words and you want nothing more than to have one to call your own, doesn't mean that it is good/nice/sweet/loving... it's just nothing more than a pretty shallow puddle that you can and should simple step over so you don't ruin your shoes.

Now Yoda is an entirely different story all together. I am in no means a Star Wars type of person... shoot, I can't even watch one without falling asleep. I just love this scene though, it's priceless. Little Yoda comes walking in.. he's cute and sweet and you just want to hug him. He's like a geriatric Kermit the Frog. So he hobbles onto the scene and then the bad guy says something and Yoda opens a can of whoop ass on him (okay, so that wasn't PG but there is no other way to discribe it!). As my friends and family can attest - I have Yoda moments. I consider it one of my greatest strengths actually.

Then there is Rent... a wonderful musical full of people that I would actually be friends with if they were real. I would probably fall for Mark (god help his character name.. ugh) since he is the least likely to do well and will need my help to "fix" him... oh yeah, it's true. Cute and with a problem, that is the ticket for me... again, where is my Mr. Darcy?
What is it about working nights that keeps people up way past normal hours when they get home. Why can't I just roll in the door, put my stuff away and go to sleep? Sami doesn't know that I don't usually fall asleep until 2 in the morning. It isn't like she is going to sit there and wait patiently for me to get her breakfast whenever I finally rise from my bed. This is something that needs to be investigated... why those that work less than normal shifts end up keeping less than normal hours. I should write 20/20 to see what they can find out - I don't have the energy to do the interviews.

Good night everyone!

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