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14 September 2006

Leadership Conference 2006

So I went to the Conference yesterday and it was really informative. I had two sessions that were wonderful and I wished would have lasted longer or gone more in depth. I also had two sessions that were not what I was looking for but that is what you get when you walk up and register that day.

We all know me, I can't do the whole "fly by the seat of your pants" thing. I have to plan, just like Ray Kroc says "Plan your work and work your plan". I have done that for years and it is difficult for me to do things any other way. That being said - yesterday started off as a whirlwind and then I got a handle on things after the first session.

I actually changed my session schedule around after the first one because it was so not what I was looking for! I got the fabulous one on Leadership by way of Kindergarten Skills. Oh my word I learned so much in there that I can't wait to apply it to future team meetings. I actually wrote my agenda for my next meeting on Sunday when I got home last night. I'll tell you about it later.

My third session was entitle Global Leadership. I thought it would be about the Global Market and how to lead in those situations... nope. It was a panel that spoke about their leadership travels abroad. Entertaining but not what I was needing. Needless to say I excused myself once they opened the floor to Q&As. I reassigned my last class to be Learning Your Leadership Style... WOW! It was the best thing all day and I wanted that one to go on too but there wasn't anything I could do about it... it was time to call it day at 4 pm and drive back to Tampa.

All in all, a fabulous day and I learned a lot.. did some networking with other leaders in other areas of Walt Disney World. Spoke with Leah, who is the Rides and Attraction Leader for Fantasyland... so much fun! Met the Leader for Narcoossees... she was adoreable. Met Cesar and Shawn who both work in IT and were simply precious. It was just fun.

Why doesn't everyone work at Walt Disney Corporation? I swear, I won't work anywhere else! Posted by Picasa

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