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02 August 2006

Wish On A Star Wednesday #2

I literally just walked back in the door from Walt Disney World and had two seconds to myself so I though I would pop in and see how things were going with everyone. Since I have gotten my pixie dust refill I thought I would share some with everyone else - promise to tell all about the vacation later on tonight when my little pixies are in bed. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say it was a fun trip but tiring. Though Tinkerbell is my favorite character I am pooped and out of pixie dust. I sometimes feel more like my second favorite character Alice and am down the rabbit hole. Looking forward to a good long nights sleep but thank you so much for the vacation. Mom

BettyMac said...

Love the Tinkerbell... makes me think of Julia Roberts... she didn't look great with short hair, but I loved her as Tinkerbell. You know, Gram has all these lap dogs and she's named them after Peter Pan characters... there's Wendy Darling, Tinkerbell, and good grief I can't remember the other one. :P

P88hBear said...

John, Peter, Princess Tiger Lily, Capt'n Hook, Mr. Smeed, Lost Boys? It's late - I know I can come up with more in the morning. Currently waiting to see if my pics from the trip will post - it's taking forever to get a response from Picasa.