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13 August 2006

Waiting for Gibbs

I did not like the way they left me at the end of the season - yes, I know that is why they are called cliff hangers but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I have patiently waited all summer for a new season to start so I can make sure that my beloved Gibbs is still there. Season One was bad enough when at the last second (literally) Ari killed Kate but how you can you do this to me two seasons in a row... Gibbs walking down a beach in Mexico to be with his old CO... not only NO but HELL NO!!

Now, we all love DiNozzo and his moments but seriously - he can't lead the team. Not in a million years do I want to hear McGee refer to him as "Boss". Who is going to "Gibbs" the crew and if you don't know what "Gibbs"ing the crew means then I suggest you find out quick. The chemistry that he has with entire team from Duckie to Shepard to Ziva - HE is the fine thread that holds the wonderful tapestry together and without him the entire show will unravel.

How can they do this to me? I check the site on a regular basis (Pauley has a fabulous blog) and yet there is no mention of when the new season starts! Although Pauley did say that she and the gang went back to work on July 8th so I bet that the new season will begin in the next week or two - right? Right? RIGHT?!?! Posted by Picasa


BettyMac said...

Isn't Mark from Mobile? Or some place near here? He's always coming to the Mobile Bay Bears baseball games.

P88hBear said...

Nope, he was born and raised in Southern California and went to UCLA where he was quarterback for their football - and led them to a bunch of winning seasons. His father, Tom Harmon, was a Heisman Trophy winner and nationally acclaimed broadcaster. His mother is former actress Elyse Knox.