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30 August 2006

Did I Ever Tell You...

That I actually met Keith Urban? Oh yeah, that is me with my head on his left shoulder... and yes Tammy, he smelled so good. Kind of a spicy, woodsy smell - simply delicious.

I listen to this radio station every day, WQYK, and they have Cletus T. Judd for the morning show. Flipping hilarious, I swear, plus I have a little crush on Cletus. Anyway, there was a contest one morning and you had to name the answers to like five trivia questions about Nicole Kidman. Hello - trivia goddess knocking. Needless to say, I got through and gave all the correct answers. They gave me the tickets. There was to be a drawing on Valentine's Day for front row tickets and backstage passes for the February 24th concert.

I had given my radio at the front to Meredith since she got better reception and I asked her to turn the radio on and let me know who wins the passes. While I was back there tuning the radio, the radio station was calling my desk telling me I won!! It was so cool. The message was funny too, something about not bothering to pick up the phone. I called back and got on the air and won the whole kit and kaboodle.

Keith came out and did a song for us and answered questions. While all that was going on I was playing with Cletus and Chad Brock. Cletus accussed Chad of falling asleep on my shoulder and drooling.. it was so much fun.

Those of you who have seen this picture - yes, bow down at my Photoshop skills!! Those of you who have not, don't worry I didn't do anything wrong... just edited it for my enjoyment. We don't want to see the dead beat P.O.S. I took with me to the show. I have the ticket stub, autographed picture and earphones as a present that he gave me to prove I was there.

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BettyMac said...

LOL... this is so you!`

P88hBear said...

Lift and separate - divide and conquer!!

BettyMac said...

OMG! I haven't heard that one in YEARS!!!!

P88hBear said...

I thought that would make you laugh! I wonder what ever happened to that little group of yummies... I bet they probably aren't so yummy any more... LOL.