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16 August 2006

The Big Girl Bed

My little monster has learned to climb so we are going to get her a big girl bed this weekend. It makes more sense in the long run since we would just be purchasing another bed within a year or so if we did a toddler bed. So - all of you knowing me - I went to look for Disney Princess Beds. The collection is at Rooms To Go Kids and I think I am leaning towards the bunk beds for a lot of reasons... it comes with the bed rails... when we have company I can let them use my room and bunk with her... they are lower to the ground... and they come with the mattresses... plus they are versatile and I don't think she would out grow it.

I on the other hand am fighting the urge to have the carriage day bed!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I like the first bed and the bunks!!!
Oh and if you think that removing the ladder will keep dancing sami from climing to the top bunk,.... she will show you a trick or two about that within a short period of time. LOL
Go go the bunks, YEAH!!!


P88hBear said...

Actually, I wasn't going to bunk them but have the two twin beds stand alone in her room... I remember stories about these two twin boys and bunk beds... Oh yeah, I retained for future use.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in bunk beds, and it was when my wise mother thought to separate them (in an attempt to keep my sister and I from causing trouble) that I really got into trouble - we jumped from bed to bed and I missed the landing once and ended up biting through my lower lip! Three stitches later…and the beds got bunked again! Oh – and if they can be trundled in addition to bunked…it makes for AWESOME forts and adventures! But this is of course a few years away still!!!


BettyMac said...

I love the carriage daybed... but that's just me.