100 Acre Personality Quiz

11 August 2006

Top Ten

So I was having a bit of a melancoly moment on the way home - let's blame a sad country song, shall we. It sucks when you get stuck in a moment like that where you just rewind everything that goes wrong in your life. You wonder why it happens to you, is there something wrong with you, etc. So I was stuck and on the verge of tears when I thought I better come up with things that are fabulous in my life so I can just feel better.

This is my top ten list of things that make me happy - because hey, only you can cheer yourself up.

10. Ice cream - yeah, I wrote ice cream. Can you think of anything better on a hot day then sitting down with a soft serve chocolate and vanilla twist cone? My parents used to take us to this place in Maryland called Freeze King. They had the biggest ice cream cones I had ever seen in my entire life... and they were delicious.

9. The fuzzy inside of a sweatshirt. Nothing feels better than that warm soft fleecy stuff they use to line sweatshirts. I love it when it is cold outside and I get to pull on one of my big fuzzy-insided sweatshirts - all is right in the world and I am beyond comfy.

8. A field of gerbera daisies. They are just the happiest flowers in the world. You can't be sad looking at a gerbera daisy - it's impossible.

7. Johnny & the Sprites. Alright, I know the show is aimed at Sami's age group but it is just a lot of fun to watch. You should check them out and you would agree. Here is the link and I promise you will be laughing before it is over - http://disney.go.com/disneychannel/playhouse/johnny/

6. Getting post from friends. I love to go out the mailbox everyday - always have. There is nothing more exciting than getting a nice envelope with your name on it and a friend's return address. We all get bills with our names on it but how often do you get letters or packages from friends?

5. Christmas Eve / Christmas Morning. This was a tie because of all the things we do on Christmas Eve are very special to me. Christmas morning is doubly exciting to me because not only do I love to open my presents but I love for everyone else to open theirs from me.

4. Thanksgiving Day. I love this holiday for many reasons but the top two are the Macy's Day Parade and seeing my brother. He and his family always come down for Turkey Day and spend the weekend with us... it is the only time of the year that I get to see him.

3. Dani's artwork. She is such a beautiful artist. The majority of her work is amazing to me.

2. Sami's dancing. To watch her dance is something that would make the most hard hearted individual smile. It is funny and sweet all at the same time. She has so much fun doing it and I have so much fun watching her.

1. My kids. I love them more than anything and to have them just curl up with me and watch television is one of the best things in the world. To sit and hold them, no matter how big they get, is great.

Alright, so this was a bit theraputic. I have smiled some as I wrote this but now I must go to bed. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and that they have all the things in the world that make them smile.


BettyMac said...

I know what you mean, there's nothing like getting snail mail. Did I tell you that my Ashley is getting married? I went to her shower the other Sunday and we got the invite to the wedding yesterday. How exciting... but it also means that I'm getting OLD!!!!!

P88hBear said...

Ashley... Ashley... having a bit of a problem remembering who she is... 'old timers' is kicking in as my aunt would say.

BettyMac said...

Remember the little girl we use to take care of? She always called me Aunt Betty... and I carried her to every volleyball and basketball game we had a DHS and everywhere else. Remember, I called her my Pooh Bird.

P88hBear said...

OMG - I now feel like I need some Geratol and to register for the senior olympics... thanks for that one.

BettyMac said...

You! How about me??? I use to change her diapers!!!!