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05 August 2006

Bold Move or Smart Move?

So we all know that Joe is now moving on and things are all askew at the DRC. Knowing me as you do, what do you think I did? Sat back and just went along for the ride? NOPE! I wrote the Supervisor of Leaders (she is above the Leader of Leaders who is above all the Leaders who are above all the agents... follow) and said the following:


Good afternoon. In light of recent restructuring within DRC, I would like to be considered for a Worldphile leader position. Yesterday, we learned that Derek will be moving to a Repeater leader position and Joe has been reassigned to a position that is yet to be determined, making for two teams to be dispersed within our community.

I feel that my abilities, along with my commitment to our organization, would make me a valuable member of the Worldphile leader team. My understanding of Sales Through Service can be seen not only in my Dashboard scores but in my ability to mentor and lead my fellow team members. I also have received numerous items of recognition that include, but are not limited to, Guest Fanatic cards, Guest Compliments and a personal letter and pin from Lee Cockrell himself.

Please feel free to contact my previous trainers (Darlene, Laine and Stephanie) and leaders (Jill, Franklin and Joe) along with my fellow team members in regards to my performance. I would love to discuss this possibility further should your schedule permit.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a magical day,

What do you think - bold, smart or just down right arrogant... either way, it's out there. ;o)


BettyMac said...

Nothing wrong with wanting to progress in your career. Like Dolly says, "sometimes you have to blow your own horn, so people know your coming." I'd wait and see what Vonda's responce is... which is always the hardest part!!!

P88hBear said...

Vonda sent a response today - it said that she will keep me in mind since she is already aware of my visions for leadership that I have for myself.

Oh well - I also got a nod from the Guest Service department to see about moving to their community... not sure.