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29 July 2006

Pixie Dust

So I will be at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for the next few days with my family. I am taking Dani, her friend Christine, Sami and Mom for a little vacation before schools starts back next Tuesday.

It will be nice to get away for a bit and just relax - yes, running around inside the Magic Kingdom until 2 am is relaxing to me. There is a saying at work when you get a little down and upset over things - go get some pixie dust. I think after the past few days I could really use some.

There is just something about watching all the families there that don't have the priviledge mine does of being able to go to the park whenever they want. On average, people save for about five years in order to come and see us. The magic in a kid's face when they walk through the gates for the first time is priceless. To see the joy in the parent's faces as they watch their little one in awe of their surrounds is enough to bring me to tears. The best part is - I made it possible. These people called in and asked for someone to help them make their family dreams come true.

I had a guy on the phone who wanted a room for tonight and tomorrow night. My initial reaction is to be sweet but turn him over fast because you don't get revenue for same day bookings. In speaking with the guy I found out that he is going to propose to his girlfriend tonight. I got him a room at Disney's Contemporary Resort and noted that it he was going to propose and to have a Magic Kingdom view room if possible. I also booked him dinner at the California Grill, located on the 15th floor of the resort, during the time the firworks are going to be going off over the Magic Kingdom. I noted on his reservation that he proposed to his girlfriend so they will be sure to do something a little special - like dessert or champagne.

I also had a single mom on the phone who went to an unofficial Disney site and got ripped off with a 'package deal' of staying for three nights and getting two days of tickets for free. The catch was that her tickets weren't going to be issued until she was on her way home. She wanted to get in to the parks so her son could see the characters just once - it was her birthday present to him. Not only did I get her into the parks, I got her a character supper at the Crystal Palace and called the location to make sure that they knew how special this birthday was for him. He didn't know that his vacation was "ruined" - he was just a little boy who couldn't wait to see Winnie The Pooh.

They probably will never know that I do these little things for them and that is okay with me. I know that she will never forget a minute of her proposal weekend. That single mom will finally smile when she walks up to her specially decorated table while watching her son play with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore who will make a fuss over his birthday.

These little things are what makes up pixie dust. Faith. Trust. These are things that make great cast members even better. Sure, if you look at it - I book vacations. To me, I make magic... maybe I don't need to go to the parks now. Maybe I just needed to remember what exactly it is that I do... and that is magical in and of itself.


BettyMac said...

You do make magic... but your allowed to have a little magic too. Have a fabulous holiday. Wish I could be there with ya.

BettyMac said...

I can't wait to hear from you and see some pictures... how is everyone? Did they have a good time? What all did you do? Where did you go out to eat?

P88hBear said...

I just got back about an hour ago.. I need to start laundry, order pizza on the internet to be here by 6:30 and get Dani out the door to pick up her schedule for school which starts on Tuesday. I promise to write something tonight.