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29 August 2006

My Leader of Leaders

I found out this evening that I got the InMarket Dine Leader position! I will be working in the evenings (not sure of the times yet) and off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will have 23 Dine Agents under me and my position starts on 10 Sept!

I was so happy when Rose Mary asked me if I would accept the position I couldn't stand it. I gave her a big ol' hug and she said that she was proud of her decision.

Now all I need to do is come up with a team name... Posted by Picasa


BettyMac said...

Yeah! I knew you could do it!!!

P88hBear said...

Thank you... and I think the team name is going to be 'Playhouse Pals'... I have a lot of the little figurines to put around the top of my cubical.

I need to take my camera in to show you what my "office" looks like so you will understand why I need to bring toys in ~ to fit in.. LOL

BettyMac said...

When I worked at the lab, I had toys all over my desk... drove my boss crazy, but I didn't care. I mean, my office was gray! She wouldn't let me hang any pictures, so I loaded my desk with fun stuff... my teddy from SHC, Atomic Betty, a Care Bear... junk from Cracker Jack boxes. Yeah, you have to cheer up your environment, if you are going to spend most of your waking hours in a place. I can't wait to see what your home away from home looks like. There must be some pink in there! Hey, do you still have those neat posters you use to have hanging in your bedroom, in Mobile? One was of the Wizard of Oz... those where great.

P88hBear said...

Oh, the old movie posters? Nope, unfortunately they got destroyed in one of my many moves (since that house I think I moved 6 times).

Once I get my room picked up and rearranged this afternoon I will post some pics so you can see - and yes, there is pink in my room.

As far as my home away away from home, there isn't any pink in it at all but I may add a few touches here and there. I will definately have a lamp on my desk which will brighten things up. Generally speaking though, it's blue... everything is blue. It's hard to describe the atmosphere of where I work but once I take a few pictures, it will all come into place.

Yeah, there will be no doubt as to why I work where I do... who wouldn't want to hang out in this place every day.