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24 August 2006

Sunday - No Doodlebop Day

We originally went to Disney-MGM Studios on Sunday to see the Doodlebops perform. I didn't know that you had to be there before the park opened so you could trample people to get free tickets. I figured it was like Playhouse Disney Live On Stage - you walk up before the show starts, line up and then go in and sit on the carpeted floor for the show. Apparently not! I am a cast member and no where in any of my information did it state that you should be there early for tickets. Needless to say, I was very disappointed to find out at 10 am that all the tickets were gone but I was more than welcome to waste my entire standing in a will call line that may or maynot get a chance to see them. Have you tried staying still in a line that doesn't move with a 16 month old - I don't think so!

So we wandered on and found other things to do... Dani went to the Animation Academy and drew Stitch... we ended up in a street performance on our way out (it was a lot of fun, even Dani and Sami joined in)... we rode the Friendship Launch to Epcot... went to China to get the finishing touch for Dani's halloween costume... walked across the International Gateway to Disney's Beach Club for some ice cream at Beaches and Cream... took said ice cream to the Beach Club Resort lobby and sat in one of the little nooks with sofas and took our shoes off... Sami woke up from her nap and went to the store to get her some cookies since she missed the ice cream... sat on a window ledge and waited for her to finish... walked back from the Beach Club all the way to Disney-MGM Studios for the car and came home.

It doesn't sound like much but it was a veru enjoyable day - all things considered. Posted by Picasa

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