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03 August 2006

Tink's House

My family laughs at me because through out my entire picture-taking life there have always been little obscure photos that no one seems to understand why I took them. To me they are completely obvious but I end up spending countless minutes explaining them.

Take this photo for example. To everyone else in my traveling party it looked like the far light at the end of our porch to our cabin at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. While this simple fact is true - that is not the reason why I took the photo. Every night when I looked at it all I could think of was how it looked like a place where TinkerBell would live. It is all lit up because she is busy inside fixing and polishing her pots and pans (hense her name).

So here is my picture of Tink's house, early in the morning while she is bustling about getting things in order. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

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