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06 August 2006

My Monster Girls

Some people take offense when I call them "monster girl" but I don't mean it badly... they are my little monster girls. Like when my mother used to call my brother "creep"... it isn't meant badly... it is a mother's term of endearment.

How often have you seen a teenager who would A) sit in a play yard with her little sister just to make her happy B) watch Playhouse Disney with her little sister just to make her happy or C) have anything to do with her little sister just because she loves her?

Am I the luckiest mom in the world or what!!
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BettyMac said...

oh my goodness, i forgot all about mom calling dave "creep" that is so funny, cause i can hear her now!!!! thanks for that memory ;o)

i can't believe how tan dani is... i never looked that good at 13! heck, i don't look that good at 35!!!!

you are LUCKY!!!!!

P88hBear said...

She's all leg too - just like you were back then. The tanning ability is some freak gene that has been hidden for years.

Daddy's a red head - Mama's a blonde... I go to the beach and burst into flames!

BettyMac said...

Oh well, you look younger longer!

P88hBear said...

and people can find you in the dark!

BettyMac said...

Oh my!!!