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30 August 2006

Total Melt Down!

Yeah, so the Toddler Bed that I thought would be such a fabulous thing - it is living in the garage as we speak. Sami had a complete melt down this evening when it came time to lay down. I couldn't figure out what the problem was... about an hour later it dawned on me. She doesn't feel secure in her toddler bed. She isn't big enough yet to make the transition. Needless to say, I trudged down to the garage and trudged back up with her crib.

She held the pieces (I kid you not) while Mom, Dani and I put it all back together. Within five minutes of being back in her crib she was asleep!! I guess my baby is still my baby.

Sorry Kevin! Maybe we can get you the crib in a few more months... or at least before college, hopefully. Posted by Picasa

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