100 Acre Personality Quiz

03 August 2006


The first thing you see as you cross through the gates before you go under the train station at the Magic Kingdom is this plaque. I love this plaque and read it every time I go, though this is the first picture I have ever taken of it.

The next two things you see but not in the order that they appear. Obviously the castle is the object that draws everyone's attention. You can see it before you even enter the park. It is a thing of beauty - especially at night when she gives her "kiss goodnight" to all the people who came to visit her that day.

The statue of Walt and Mickey is very special to me. I love to read the inscription at the bottom, entitled "Partners". It is one of my favorite quotes from Walt and periodically appears on my desktop at work. If you pay special attention to the statue, the shadows are both Mickey Mouse.

It is the little things like this that I find amazing about Walt Disney World and make me think that being called a cast member is truly special. Posted by Picasa


DlandMtRangeRider said...

The statue of Walt and Mickey,Is the greatest Masterpiece ALIVE.

P88hBear said...

I would have to agree with you on that on Dland. Every time I go to the park I have to stop and visit it.

Watching others do the same and reaching over to touch it with awe - that is really touching to me... to know that others have the same feeling for Walt that I do.