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05 August 2006

Allen from Walt Disney World Transportation

So - when we went to the parks, I wrote a letter to Disney to praise one particular cast member. Being one myself, I expect things from others. When you make me have the desire to sit down and write how fabulous you are - you are beyond words!

Keep in mind, when I go to the park - no one knows I am a cast member. I don't tell anyone nor do I wear anything that would make me stick out as a cast member unless I am purchasing something and use my ID to get my discount... walking around the parks I am just a guest.

I attached my letter below so everyone can see/read/hear how great Allen is at what he does -

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing regarding Allen who drove our boat from the Magic Kingdom to Disney's Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground on Monday night, July 31, 2006.

My family and I had supper at 1900 Park Fare that night when it started storming. After hanging around the resort for an hour the rain subsided and we were able to make a run for the monorail and then the boat back to our cabin. While waiting in line with a few other families we met a cast member named Allen. My eldest daughter, Danielle, had a black hat on that looked like one of her favorite anime characters which is a cat. I guess he could tell that we were hot and tired and needed a little pixie dust.

He walked up behind my daughter while we were all standing in line and gently lifted the hat off her head and put it behind his back. While she started to look confused and giggled (this happened at supper too with Pearla Mouse scaring Suzy Mouse all over the front of the restaurant with the cat hat) Allen passed the hat to me. She would walk all around us trying to get her hat but between my daughter's friend Christine, my mother Betsy, Allen and myself we managed to keep the game going until the boat arrived about ten minutes later.

Everyone in line, who looked as tired as we did, was laughing by the time the boat showed up. Allen opened the gate and let us through. On our walk to the boat we noticed that he had disappeared. My family assumed he stayed on the dock and we just missed him. To our surprise, he was the driver of the boat!! We found this out when he was hiding up top and reached down to get Danielle's hat once again as she boarded the boat. We all giggled and sat down for the ride.

Allen thanked everyone for choosing Walt Disney World transportation and informed us that we will be headed to Epcot and Disney's MGM Studios shortly. A few of us that knew we were landlocked on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake had a good laugh. When we reached Disney's Wilderness Lodge to let other guests off he came and sat at the top of the stairs to talk to our family. We joked about how he should have welcomed them to Disney's Cruise Line and tell them about our journey to Castaway Key.

Once we reached our destination of Disney's Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground, Allen once again tried to sneak up on Danielle for her cat hat but she was prepared and had placed the hat in her pocket just before reaching the front of the boat. We all thanked Allen for the ride and told him to have a magical day.

It is cast members like Allen that make Walt Disney World such a special place for families. On our way home I asked everyone what their favorite part of the trip was and even two days later the answer was Allen! Please pass on our warmest thank you for making a magical memory for my family. He is an outstanding cast member who does a fabulous job of upholding everything that Walt envisioned.



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