100 Acre Personality Quiz

30 October 2007

Interesting Fodder

As you know, I posted that silliness below on a Personals website out of... what really? Anyway, it appears as though in the past 24 hours I have been "viewed" 35 times, received 2 emails (though I swear one has to be from the company saying 'ha, we made you pay for it now') and compiled 4 "winks". Now let's break this down...

  • 11% of the time someone thinks I am cute enough to "wink" at but not actually contact. Could it be that they are shy or perhaps to lazy too actually make honest effort to write a little note.

  • Are the emails sitting in my Inbox real or perhaps is it a way to make this poor little girl pay them money for their service?

  • I seem to collect older men, roughly an average age of 38, that range from 35 to 42... which to me just says what I have thought all along ~ younger men are just out to laid.

  • I also seem to collect men who are about 6' tall (which is good for me) and a bit on the stocker side (also okay with since they are more like teddy bears... although The Rock is not someone I would throw away should he show up).

What does all of it mean? What am I supposed to do with all of this now? Do I pay money for one of their limited amounts of time and actually attempt this fodder which scares me to death? Sometimes being analytical and a bit anal does not help...


SeekRapunzel24 said...

dont pay for anything! go to plentyoffish.com seriously. lol

Disney Diaries said...

The whole thing sounds like a popularity contest. Incidentally, why The Rock?

PS Really? Even the big boobs part?

PPS What's The Hub?

SeekRapunzel24 said...

Um, I AGAIN see a lack of blogging!!!