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03 October 2007

Damn Kids

Okay this is going to be short and sweet since I still have to go get ready for work...

Yesterday I was tooling around on MySpace and I noticed that Brandon's wife, Katie, had reposted a blog questionairre that I had called "I realize" which I got from a cool new chickie in NJ name Erin. Naturally, I went to read what she posted for her answers. They were pretty interesting until I went to leave her a comment and noticed that her status went from "Married" to "Divorced". Excuse me?

As any good respecting friend who loves you like a sister would do, I emailed Jacque from my blackberry since I had errands to run and didn't want to miss her reply. I basically asked why in the world she didn't tell me what happened to them when I talked to her the other night. The response I got was priceless...


What does this say about society when you will post for all the world to see that you are divorced (all his pictures have been removed from her site and his complete site is gone) but you don't call your own family? Granted, they are both in the Army over in Iraq but they find time to call and ask for care packages with goodies... you'd think they would throw in the little piece of information like "Hey mama, by the way, we got divorced" instead of having "Aunt Amy" call seeking answers to questions she didn't know would exist.

Damn kids.

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Chris Corley said...

It's funny how much courage people get inside the relative anonymity of the blogosphere! Imagine what you might find on your kids' Facebook pages if they didn't know you were reading . . . Yikes!