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25 October 2007

Stranger Things Have Happened

Alright, y'all, prepared to be floored... are you sitting down? I actually had a date last night! I know, stranger things have happened, but it's true.

His name is Jeff and we actually met online of all places. I always told myself that I would not go on a date with anyone I met online but to be honest, he was really sweet... and cute! He is a single father of 2 (12 and 7, girl and boy respectively) and works in IT. He seemed very smart, funny and for some odd reason, attracted to moi... go figure.

We were IMing on my blackberry before the Diversity session yesterday and he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him. I said sure and we decided that he would come to my house when I got home around 9ish. Jeff was actually prompt which impressed the stew out of me and we watched "Ghost Rider" which was awful!

We had silly banter and such but it was just nice. And yes, he did kiss me good night and yes, butterflies and teenage stupidity insued... all in good fun. The question then becomes whether or not there is a repeat performance. He has already IMed me today and is currently out riding his motorcycle because it is beautiful out... I do like the fact that he talked to me today but I am being realistic. My life was great before last night and it will be great if last night does not happen again. It was just nice to feel pretty again.

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