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01 October 2007

Cast Excellence Survey Results 2007

I just go back my CES results and I must say that I am fairly jazzed over it! On a sliding scale from 1 to 7, I averaged from 5.8 to 6.75!! The only thing that ticked me off was that my old leader gave me a 2 on the question of "Explains the 'why' behind decisions"... to which I say


So it is a happy day all the way around and I wanted to share some of the nice comments left on my CES so please, whaller in my euphoria won't you...

~ "Amy has a great passion for our brand. She has outstanding knowledge of our heritage and values. She prides herself on the service she provides and understands that excellent service is a cornerstone for The Walt Disney Company. She can easily navigate her way through our system and can be viewed as a subject matter expert."

~ "Amy is a strong, dedicated leader who exemplifies Disney heritage and traditions. She has a vast knowledge of the Disney product and enthusiastically shares with her team. She is consistantly available for peer interaction and feedback, and willingly assists her peers and team with any challenges they may have."

Any more would be bragging... but hey, they made my day. Love to all and have a magical day!!


SeekRapunzel24 said...

Congrats Congrats!! Sounds like you know what you are doing!!! =)

P88hBear said...

In theory... it's all about "good show" vs. "bad show"... I guess it's all good.