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02 October 2007

What Happened to my Baby?

I have to go out shopping for Homecoming dresses this afternoon when Dani gets home from school. What happened to my baby? She was apparently "going with" some boy named Kyle that she has known since 6th grade and when they "broke up", four boys asked her out. She chose the one she liked since the beginning of the year who is named Jeremy.

My precious little baby girl is going on her first grown up date and will be wearing a formal dress... I could cry! Actually, I almost did while I was walking around the mall today taking pictures of dresses for her since she hates to shop. There I was, Starbucks in hand and eyes getting all welled up. My little girl is growing up...

**UPDATE** We got a gorgeous black dress, pretty black flats, clear strapped bra (don't ask) and precious evening bag all for the price of $100. Can I shop or what? I'll post a picture of her in it as soon as I have a day off. You won't believe my little girl is all grown up!

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