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21 October 2007

7 Random Facts I Must Post... per Erin

"7 Random Facts I must post.
So read them, comment them & then check to see if your name is in the 7 I tag.
If it is, list 7 Random Facts about yourself & pass on the tag to 7 people."...

That is how my day started. I wanted to hop on the computer and work on my PCP (Performance Connection Plan) so I can put it to bed but nooooo... Erin said that I have to post these seven things and we all know that we can't let Erin down... that would be wrong. So as the directions say, here are 7 Random thing that I must post and then there will be tags at the bottom for those of you who must post new items to your blogs as well... but I will allow MySpace blog entries since very few of us use our Blogspot any more... one thing I don't think I could get rid of... okay, off we go.

  1. I hate to wear shoes and take them off whenever possible, whether appropriate or not.
  2. I daydream while I drove home at night. I run scenarios in my head about what I want to happen in my life and how I would react... the scary part is that some have actually come true.
  3. I am extremely proud to work for Disney and have a head full of knowledge that won't be useful anywhere but my job. I actually get offended when people say awful things about anything regarding Disney and will argue the fact we are fabulous. I even get teary-eyed over our new ad spots... aren't they wonderful!
  4. Sometimes when I don't know the answer to a question of the top of my head, I tell the cast member that we will "find it together so they will be better able to find the information in the future".
  5. When I have to stay on property for work-related things, I always talk a big game about being able to spend some quiet time alone but in reality, I miss my kids so much I could cry.
  6. I see couples walking around together and I make up stories about their life. I figured since I don't have anyone I will make up fairy tale endings for all the other people who do have someone to grow old together.
  7. I love Starbucks coffee and there are days where I will justify going more than once. Plus, if you drink enough coffee, you won't eat and perhaps I won't have such a fat ass if it is full of scrumpdillyumptious coffee instead of other things.
Alrighty, there are my random things and now for the posting of the tags... be ready to spill it all because I am going to throw this on my MySpace blog now that I've thought about it.... I tag:
  1. Chris Corley
  2. Betty Anne
  3. Tracie
  4. Boo - a.k.a. Katie Ray
  5. Melissa
  6. Daryl
  7. anyone who has now read this... evil, I know but hey what can I say.

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