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29 October 2007

Dear Santa...

I have been a good girl all year and I only want one thing for Christmas ~ a good guy. So here is my wish list of all things I would like for you put into him and then place him under my tree on Christmas Eve. Oh, and I promise to take good care of him too! Here goes:

1. As you know, I am a good Southern girl so please do not put anyone under my tree who is expecting to "score" on the first couple of dates. I love sports as much as the next person and I get that it is a back-handed compliment of sorts but that is one goal that will not happen. A gentleman will understand this and remember that good things come to those who wait.

2. Please make him light-hearted and easy going. I love to indulge in the relaxing things in life and take pride in the fact that I am a bit goofy. I have never met a stranger so he needs to be comfortable in his own skin, just as I am in mine.

3. He must love kids. Some of his own are good but he has to love mine, although he won't meet them until I think it is right. Nothing to take offense by, just don't want random men meeting the most precious people in my life until I'm sure of everything.

4. I like to be spoiled so please give him a romantic heart. Spoiling doesn't even cost any money, just a bit of effort. Like those sweet text messages when I wake up, a call just to say he was thinking about me or a random note left where I will find it unexpectedly, kisses on my forehead just because... they all make me melt with a sigh. Curled up on the coach with my head in his lap while he strokes my hair is the sweetest thing to me... I guess I believe in fairy tales and romantic comedies, all I want is my own happy ending.

5. Please make him stable, intelligent, financially secure and funny. I have supported many a man and would rather know that he can take care of himself. I want someone who "wants" me, not "needs" me... I know you understand the difference.

That's all I am asking for and I know you can deliver, you've never let me down before! Just remember these things are my top priority and very dear to my heart. The rest of it will fall in place since I don't really have a "type"... just an ideal.

Thank you, Santa. Be sure to find the extra special home made cookies on the entry table... I made them just for you.



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