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28 October 2007

What's Up With That?

So here is the deal... I had that date the other night, right. Well I just received an IM from Jeff that said he was there but not (been showing offline for a few days) since he had some things that he had to take care of before he goes to work tomorrow. He also said that he wasn't sure where things were going to go with us be he wanted to be friends. Plus, he met someone the other night and he wants to see where it goes. Horrible timing but things happen. All of that in an IM... can you believe it.

Here is my take on it... one simple fact rules the deal. The fact that I wouldn't have sex with him on the first date! Trust me, that has to be it because he said that he had a great time and that I was the cutest thing ever. All things were great but when I shot him down and said "not yet" he went out the next day and found someone who would sleep with him... now he wants to see how it progresses.

Perhaps I am too old fashioned, or perhaps I am too Southern to date Yankees with no morals. I don't know but when did it become the norm to have sex within a few hours of meeting people. Don't relationships start with getting to know people, building solid foundations and letting things grow from there? I didn't know it started with meaningless sex and then you see if you are compatable.

I guess if that is the new way things are done, I will die old and alone. There will never be another relationship for me since I refuse to do things in that order... and that to me is very sad.

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SeekRapunzel24 said...

Ah, makes me glad to see things don't get any easier when you get older. If thats how that guy wanted to be than he is, pardon my french. A DOUCHE! He tried for some sweet Amy lovin on the 1st date...he doesn't have respect for women. You need to find someone who will respect that you, are, um well, for lack of a better term...not a slut. You will find someone....he is out there. I promise. Plus, you never know...maybe Santa will get that letter early and start building him now!!!!!