100 Acre Personality Quiz

26 September 2007

Cream for the Kitty

So I went to work yesterday and was playing a dual role; InMarket Dine Leader and Worldphile Leader. This is because my new Worldphile team (they chose the team name The Royal Court) has been without a leader since July with quite a few new hire cast members and Devika has yet to return from her TA assignment to take over my Dine team. Couple that with the fact that my role doesn't officially change until Sunday the 30th.

At the end of the night I walked over to one of the Repeater Leaders and was talking and he busts out of no where with "You need to remember your place. You aren't a Worldphile leader until Sunday so you are still a part time Dine leader. It was a bad call to move your console and abandon your team." Can you believe it?!?

Y'all would be proud because the phrase "Bite my ass" did not leave my lips but was echoing loudly in my head through the entire conversation... along with "you pompous asshole". I very calmly (more of a mother tone actually when speaking to someone really stupid, if you must know the absolute truth) explained that I moved my console because I wanted Devika's transition to be a smooth one and therefore I moved my console since I was not completely sure of her return date. My new role does not start until Sunday, you are correct, but I am working with both teams at the moment (this is where the whole pompous part would fit but be sure to smile while thinking it, just like I did). He went on to say how it was not smart and again how I should remember my place.

Now is it just me or does that sound really condescending? My place? Gee, where exactly would that be and why do I have one? Is my place at home with my kids? Is behind some husband that I am supposed to have? Want to take away my right to vote or speak out of turn as well? I recently learned from a dear friend that Mormon's believe women are basically a lower level of existence and when they want to assume a posture of authority they "steeple" their fingers. This is done by taking the tips of your fingers and holding them together ~ it makes a temple like illusion with your hands. It is supposed to be some power trip thing for the men of this faith. When he did this exact gesture while speaking to me I almost lost it.

I quickly summed up the "contenders" and came to the conclusion that I don't give a flying fart in space about what he thinks because when it all comes down, I am the better person. I'll show you:

  1. I have a Bachelor's degree with honors from Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. He has some piece of paper from Phoenix University, not a real school.

  2. I have taken a team and raised their conversion rate by 35% in a single quarter. He is consistently at the bottom of the pack.

  3. I have only been back with Disney for 1 year and 4 months (I was here for a year before I left for a grand total of six months and came back). He has been with the company for almost four years and only moved into Leadership about a year and half ago. I was back six days before I applied and a leader within 3 months of my return.

  4. I have networked and made connections across property and continue to find opportunities to do so. He shadowed a few times over at the Poly's front desk but knows no one.

  5. I have applied for two promotions since returning and received both. He has applied for three that I know of and has received none.

That is just the short list... I could go on with the fact that I am younger, cuter and much more personable than he is but that would along the lines of saying his mama wears combat boots (and I am almost positive that she does).

So my place, is in Console 20 as a kick ass Worldphile Leader who is leaving a fabulous dining team and 80% of the floor agents want to be on my team because I have fun, know my stuff and will stand by my cast come hell or high water. The best part is ~ he knows this and it ticks him off. No need to feel threatened sir, I left your Leader of Leaders for a better one and have no plans of returning so please, have a magical day!


SeekRapunzel24 said...

Im stressed out by READING that conversation lol. So what exactly do you DO at Disney???

P88hBear said...

I am a Worldphile Leader... that is the job title anyway. What it really means is that I lead (or manage out in the real world) a group of sales agents who book reservations for our guests. They are the people you called when you booked your stay in February.

That is the short answer anyway... I have the same job as you except I do it at Disney with "grown ups"!

BettyMac said...

Amy, you crack me up.... I can just hear you and I'm right behind you yelling, "yeah, what she said... @$$hole!"

P88hBear said...

Betty, you know I worked really hard not to go off on the fool... unlike years ago when we would run around and the thoughts would actually fly out of my mouth... good times.

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