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12 April 2007

Perks of being a Cast Member

We cast members have a site that we can log into from home to get to our work email and stay in touch with what is going on all over property. We also use it at work because it is just a great source of information regarding anything you could possibly want to know regarding us. It's called The Hub.

This magical, mystical website is only available to cast members and one of the other things we get is called The Disney Newsreel. It is a really cool online newspaper that is put out for us to see what is going on all over property (US, Hong Kong, Japan, Paris, etc).

Here are some of the really cool images that I was able to capture from different volumes of "the reel" and once you see them, you'll understand why I had to use some of my "magic" to keep them forever.

Be good poppets until next time.

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