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26 April 2007

Cut it off!

I have been itching to cut off my hair for about a week now... I did it today! I have to say that my 30s are a weird time. You are too old to act like a kid and too young to act like an old fart. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I will perpetually be a kid but when is the age when you just can't do a pony tail any longer? What is the time frame when having a scrunchy on your wrist is just stupid? For me, it was today. I'll post an updated picture of me soon but just so you get the idea ~ here's my hairstyle.


BettyMac said...

Meg Ryan! I love Meg Ryan... and that's the haircut from You've Got Mail... isn't it?

I cut my hair off a few years ago... I mean short... above my ears! Yeah, it was short... especially when you consider, that at my longest (about three or so years ago) my hair was to the middle of my back. I loved it, but it was so much trouble keeping it up. Now, I'm back to growing it out... because I missed my pony tail.

As far as I'm conserned... you are never too old for a pony tail. However, I do love your new do!

P88hBear said...

I love her too. She is just too precious to be real. Meg is truly one of my idols in American film.

I go through phases... I miss my ponytail.. I hate the long hair... I miss my ponytail... I hate my hair.

I figured this will last for about a year and then I'll go through the "grow it out" phase or just cut it a little shorter.. either way it will always flippy so I can either work with it or against it, right.

BettyMac said...

You crack me up!