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11 April 2007


Do you ever go through a spell where you don't want to go to work? No matter how much you love your job, you would rather spend your time doing other things. Perhaps cooking, writing, reading, knitting or playing with your kids.

Take today for example. I ran up here to get cleaned up for work and do my daily post. I can hear Sami downstairs yelling at Mickey Mouse on the television. She really gets into her morning Playhouse Disney! MMCH is like her little soap opera... she laughes, she cries, it becomes a part of her. Who would want to leave that and go to work?

My mom is sitting downstairs with a beautiful new quilt that she is working on covering her lap. It is actually for me!! I'll post a picture when she is done but who would want to leave that when you could sit down with her and work on your knitting?

Dani will come home after school today with her "egg baby" to take care of, sharing stories of the days events before bounding off to her room to draw. Later on she will emerge to play with her sister... a 14 year old who actually plays with her 2 year old sister. Who would want to miss that and go to work?

I know when we move I will have enough time to sit and ponder all these things... the posts then will be probably about how I could never be a stay-at-home mother because it would drive me insane. Oh well, we always want we can't have I guess. All this rain has given me the dulldrums... sorry to share.

Off to get cleaned up and leave all this... for work.

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