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16 April 2007

My Mom Is Better!!

Yeah, I hate to say it but my mom is better than your mom. Yes, she can be fussy and condescending and manipulative ~ apparently it is a mother's right or something. BUT, she can also be very sweet and loving and understanding.

My mother is also very creative and talented. She made this quilt for me and simply entitled it "Amy's Quilt" so 100 years from now when it has been passed down through the years and ends up in a book somewhere, we will both get credit.

She made a traditional sampler quilt with little touches of me. I love that my mom can do this kind of stuff. Always have, even when I was little. I would have the special clothes that my mother made me. They were special for a ton of reasons but mostly because there wouldn't be another one like in the whole entire world. I would have little dresses with penifores, sweaters, shirts, skirts, bags.. anything at all. I would have pictures and ceramics and pillows that would be completely original to me because my mother made them.

Other kids would walk around bragging about their clothes and where they bought them. I would just smile. Sure, their parents cared so much they went out and bought something for them. Mine loved me more because they made me something. Kids would always ask where I got something and I always got to say that "my mom made it". Everyone, even teachers, would come over and check out my outfit and be amazed at my talented and gifted mother... actually, they still do.

I have a dress made of the green material on my quilt. I have only worn it once so far, on a bad date but that is besides the point, and even then I had strangers come and ask me where I got my dress because it was so pretty. I told them, just as I did as a little kid, that my mom made it for me. I still smile really big when I get to do it too. Yeah, I'm 34 years old but my mommy makes my clothes. My mommy makes my kids clothes, quilts, sweaters, bags and just about anything else you can imagine.

So yeah, my mom is better and the best part is... she's mine.


BettyMac said...

So, I found Snow White, Cinderella and Pooh... where's Mickey and Tink?

P88hBear said...

Mickey is in the green and I don't have any Tink in this quilt.

BettyMac said...

How long does it take your mom to make a quilt? I've always wanted to do one. I saw a picture of a postage stamp quilt and thought it was beautiful.

I remember the sweaters she made for you... I was so jealous! You had a pastel one, with black cats on it, if I remember correctly.

P88hBear said...

Yeah, the window pane one with all the cats! It was primary color blocks on a black sweater and in each block was a cat. That was one of my favorites.

It depends on the quilt as to how long it will take. You have to remember though, sometimes my mom can spend all day working on it so it really isn't an easy judge.

Postage stamps are really tiny squares and it takes hundreds of them to do a quilt of significant size. So if you factor in all the cutting, sewing, piecing and then adding the batting and quilting the entire thing ~ depending on the size of the quilt I would say if my mom had the time it would take about a month or so. It's the actual quilting part that takes the longest because she does her quilts by hand, not machine.