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15 April 2007

Friday the 13th Traditions

So every Friday the 13th there is a tradition at the Disney Reservation Centre to wear your ears. I do not know how it got started but I really like the idea. Before my cast members came in I had stopped by Company D and purchased 20 sets of ears, 10 Gold and 10 TieDyed. Each time one of my team showed up for their shift I would have them close their eyes and reach in the bag.

I do not normally work on Friday but because of Dani's track meets I have been working some strange times. Come to find out that only five of my team members work on Fridays so it was a very small group indeed! I took pictures of them all together and will have to email it home so I can post it because it was a lot of fun.
They actually requested that I save July 13th for them... now I have to come up with something cool to do. Any suggestions?

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