100 Acre Personality Quiz

06 April 2007


I remember this site being used on a show once and I was curious if it even existed ~ IT DOES!! So all of you who know me know that I must warn the rest of the women in the world about the evil monster that I dated... and I did. I am waiting for the approval email from the site and I will post the link for all to see. Yeppers, picture and all.

You should go and check out the Don't Date This Guy.com site, it's interesting. And guys, they have one about the girls too so don't get all upset... y'all are warning each other about the "women" you date. I posted this picture because it is a great "PSA" spot for the post, don't you agree?
Be good poppets until I return. Hugs and kisses to all because you know I love you buckets!!

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