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04 April 2007

I Love Saab!

No, not the car but the designer. I just finished reading an article on him over on Yahoo. It was about how he says that a woman's beauty is in her curves!! Thank the Lord above that people are finally realizing that woman are not, as Elie said, hangers for their clothes. We have curves and a shape that is beautiful and should not be subjected to becoming walking bones with legs.

The most beautiful women in the world, at least in my humble opinion, are all built like women! Kate Winslet, Mariska Hargitay, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway ~ I could go on and on but not once when I was watching something with them in it did I feel the need to go out and buy them a cheeseburger. Not once did I wonder why these poor starved women didn't go out and buy some groceries... but I did relate to them and want to be like them, real and character inspired, because on either side of the script they were just themselves. There were no pretenses and dishonesty to work around. These are normal healthy everyday women and their job is to entertain us.

You just have to read this article! Check it out and let me know what you think ~ hangers or figures.


BettyMac said...

I agree... I'm not a stick insect, and it *isses me to no end, to go shopping, pick up something in my size and it be cut so small that I can't even get it on! What's so wrong with having a shape. Maryln Monroe was a size 12, if I remember correctly... and no one was ever disgusted by her looks!!!!

P88hBear said...

Actually, Maryln Monroe was what we consider a size 14-16 today and she is world renouned as a beautiful woman. Look back at Jayne Mansfield (Mariska Hargitay's mother) and Gina Lollobrigida. There is a book by Gil Elvgren called "The Great American Pin-Up" and it has pictures of beautiful women with real figures. It's not nasty stuff - just 1950s "bombshells" in normal poses.

I can't wait until people get back to normal and those of us who are built like actual women can be viewed like people - instead of fat and unattractive. Wow, I have hips and my measurements aren't all one number, therefore I am fat... nope, I personally think that it is sad they never matured into wonderful women with beautiful curves!

And you know, there are more of us in the doubl digit clothing section then not - that is why there are no clothes available when we go shopping... everyone is buying the 12 - 16 clothes because most people are that size... not 0 - 5!!

BettyMac said...

Preach on sista, I'm listen'