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12 April 2007

Disney Legends

I work in a place where legends are made. They do phenomenal things that no one ever thought would be possible. They were laughed at for the ideas and were told that they were "follies". People waited for us to fail, time and again we were told we would with complete conviction.

There are times when my position as a cast member simply becomes "a job" and I hate it when that happens. People come in without pixie dust and stupid things get in the way. I don't want to ever feel like what I do is "a job" because I know that no matter what happens in the future ~ I will never find "a job" that I love as much as this one.

All of my life I wanted to work at Walt Disney World. I used to joke around and tell my friends that I wanted to be Dopey when I grew up. People laughed at me and said that it wouldn't happen, at least not the way I was thinking. They said that I would never get to work at Disney because things like that just don't happen. Guess what, they do!

So the next time you watch one of my spots, or see one of my billboards, or hear one of my songs you can bet the I am pretty much swelled up with pride. Our Year of a Million Dreams celebration ad spots make me want to cry. They touch me and not just because they are really good but because I am a part of that magic.

I try to get on the phone every day so that I can continue to make magic. Do Leaders normally get on the phone ~ shoot no!! They avoid it all costs. I could probably count the number of Leaders (and Leaders of Leaders for that matter) who can still book a reservation on one hand and still do the Disney Point. They lose the Guest feel and excitement because they don't interact with them. When I go to the parks I always say hello to the princesses I pass (calling them by the name of the princess costume they are wearing), I give directions if I see a group huddled into a map, I take pictures for couples and families so at least one shot will have everyone in it, and I celebrate whatever button they have on that day.

Do they know I am a cast member ~ nope. Do they care that I am a cast member ~ probably not. Do they appreciate what I have done for them ~ yeah... Because I am the magic of Disney.

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