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11 April 2007

Color Spash - David Bromstad

Okay, this man may be gay (not sure) but he is very hot and I have a slight crush on him. His eyes are beautiful, he dresses smart, his body is solid and he smiles like a child. Uh, how could you not want to just run up and squeeze him?

David came to fame from an HGTV show called HGTV DesignStar where he won and earned his own television show, Color Splash. He has a lot of interesting ideas, some are things you could use and others are way out there ~ makes you turn your head to the side like a puppy who heard the word "cookie".

One of the things that the Home and Garden Television website has is a Color Code! It describes your color personality. All you to do is mouse over your favorite color and it tells you all about your personality.

Mine is pink, right. So I moused over it and it says that "Pink is playful, innocent, flirty and fun. Romantics love pale pink hues while dynamic personalities go for shock value with hotter shades." I think that is a bit like me, what do you think? Either way, go here and try it.

1 comment:

BettyMac said...

I do like what it has to say about green... and brown! David is a hottie!