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09 April 2007

Happy Monday

I think we should all grasp Mondays like my little Sami. Most people grumble and roll over, not wanting to get out of bed. Little Samantha wakes up, rolls over and then hollers at the top of her lungs "Mama, I wake". This of course is my queue to get out of bed and go fetch her so she can start her day.

On the way down the stairs she starts her morning salutations. "Hello, Nana", "Hello, Sissy", "Hello, PopPop" and of course "Hello, Abby oh so sweet". All of these are uttered in this order until each of the people have been seen, hugged and properly helloed for the morning.

We then proceed to get dressed and brush our hair to which we are constantly asked if we can "peas wear tutu" and I will always agree. She has about three tutus that are worn on a regular basis. Two just are skirts that can go over our outfit while the third is a full body suit tutu that we can wear when it's warm. Today was too cold but she really wanted to wear it ~ Mama got creative and it was a win-win for both of us.

So I think we should all use Sami's philosophy on how to start the day:

  1. Let the world know you are up and ready for business

  2. Say hello to everyone you meet and greet them warmly each day

  3. Get dressed and neat for the day

  4. Always wear the appropriate tutu because you never know when you may need to dance.


BettyMac said...

I love this, I love this, I LOVE this!

You have a cat!

I love this, I love this, I love this!

Where can I get a tutu to fit my... size? ;o)

P88hBear said...

She got hers at WalMart but I bet if you went to Danskin (the manufacturer) website you to could have a tutu!!

We've always had a cat - don't you remember Pepsi? I have a picture of you sitting on our exercise bike holding her. I think it was taken on the day that you came over to help me do my makeup for the Military Ball with Freddie!!

BettyMac said...

OMG! I forgot all about Pepsi, till you said the name, and now I can see... her? I'd like to see that picture. Can you scan it?

P88hBear said...

Perhaps... I'll have to see if Dani's scanner is hooked up... or you could about six to eight weeks and I'll just show it to you in person.

BettyMac said...