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05 November 2006

Alive and Almost Well... I Think

So I took the past two days off... let me clarify that one. I had the last two days off since I am normally off Thurs-Sat but this time I didn't check my work email at all and I just enjoyed my time to myself. I didn't respond to pages or voicemails... I rested.

Friday, Sami and I went to Countryside Mall and did some Christmas shopping. Things were going great until I had some kind of breathing moment (I refuse to say that I have asthma... not making sense to me and I want a second opinion) in Penneys... I had to do a lot of nodding and hurrying up. Once outside the store in the big area of the mall, I was able to pull out my inhaler and sit down for a few minutes. I wasn't over-doing it, I was just walking around the mall with Sami. She was in the stroller and being a wonderful little shopper. Oh well, maybe it was too much too soon... whatever.

Tomorrow I have to go to work and I really don't want to... could use that one more day. I do have Disney University this week but I am telling you, I am not going to be killing myself like I have been. The last thing I need is to have a "moment" at work. Not until I get a second opinion and figure out what is "ailing" me...

I now have guilt - off to read my work email... but I'm not responding tonight!! I'll be there tomorrow night to do that...

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