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12 November 2006

Super Dave

Another reason I love this time of year - Super Dave!

This is my older brother - the only sibling that I have - and I only get to see him once a year. Every year he comes home for Thanksgiving with his family (wife Sandy and stepdaughter Amanda) and spends the weekend with us. It used to be that he would come down on Tuesday night and stay until Sunday. As all things do with time, the schedule has changed and unfortunately gotten shorter. They come in now on Thanksgiving Day and go home on Saturday morning.

Where I can understand the need for making the trip shorter and wanting to get home with one day to recoup, it is still sad that our time has been cut to basically two days. With our schedules it is difficult to get together during the year and I really look forward his visit.

When we were little, Dave and I moved a lot. This meant that we had to be our own best friends for months at a time. Like all kids, when we made other friends we generally ignored our siblings or did as normal families and made up the time by fighting. No matter how badly we fought, he was always my big brother... even when I would pick a fight for him, but that is what little sisters are for, right?

So this year, Dave will be here on Thanksgiving afternoon since he has to drive 8 hours to the house and leave on Sunday morning. Our time is packed as well since we will have supper and a nap (Thanksgiving traditions all around the US), Friday I am taking all 8 of us to Disney for the day (even have a real pastry chef to meet with my niece), and Saturday we are all headed off to The Art Institute of Tampa where Amanda is looking into going for college in the culinary arts... Dani wants to go there too for her graphics art degree so it will be interesting.... then Sunday morning they are gone and that afternoon I head back to work.

Where most families think that visits are too long and can't wait for their family to go home... I think that this is too short and wish they would stay. So Super Dave - get your car packed, family buckled in and get your hineys down here already!!


BettyMac said...

Correct me if I'm wrong... but weren't you guys horsing around the house (you in your socks) and you slipped and broke your right arm?! That began the, what, two months of using your left hand to write?! Wasn't your cast pink?

P88hBear said...

Yeah, I broke my arm the day before Halloween the first year we were in Mobile. We were "polishing" the wood floors. Amazingly we got carpet not long after that!
My cast was white but Dave drew a bunch of pictures on it - one was a watch!

BettyMac said...

I remember that now! Didn't you jam your finger, when you guys had a fender bender?

P88hBear said...

Yeah, Dave was taking Danny Lindmark home and we were turning from Cottage Hill onto University (I think those are the street names, I know it's Cottage Hill but on the corner of the intersection was a Delchamps, TCBY shopping center... opposite side had a Bank and for a while there was a Bignette bakery.. it's the street we would come out of if we went out of Gram's neighborhood headed opposite direction of DHS).. anyway... good thing we had Danny in the car because we plowed a "Keep Right" sign (ironic, huh) and ended up facing the proper direction on the opposite side of the street. It was scary because the road was wet and Dave really wasn't going that fast... Danny's big football self kept the car from flipping!