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26 November 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

So my brother comes down every year for Thanksgiving, as you have been hearing. This year he came down and stayed until this morning - which is odd since he usually leaves on Saturday morning. All in all, it was a nice visit.

He came down Thursday and arrived alittle before noon. This means that I did not get to see Santa come down Broadway so if anyone was able to watch the end of the parade, will you please tell me which Santa we had this year!! I missed it - though I tried to hide my disappointment. Three hours and forty-five minutes dedicated to the parade viewing and I missed the finale!!

We moved supper to later in the evening so we had snacks around noon. So we sat around and ate junk, basically, while we caught up. Come to find out they all came down carrying a cold with them! Needless to say I am not real happy since I have two little people who will probably be ill within the next two weeks... but hey, you can't be mad at family just because they have colds.

That night we all ate a nice Thanksgiving dinner that my mom made - it was fabulous. Later we had pie and vegitated for the rest of the night. I had to sleep in Sami's room since my brother and s-i-l had my room. It was odd not being able to sit here in my pjs and post the daily events. Plus, the bed in Sami's room isn't that comfortable and she has a habit of waking up, seeing me and singing the "Mama" song. Granted, it is the cutest thing ever but not so much at 3 a.m.!

Friday, we all get up and head out to Walt Disney World - of course! I took them to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Dave told me something that I thought was funny. He said "Do you remember how you used to run around and tell all your friends that your brother was a cop? I go around now and tell everyone my baby sister works for Disney!". I had to giggle at that... along with tons of thank yous he kept saying. He hadn't been since we were kids, literally kids. I think the last trip we made was about twenty years ago!! We got home kinda late, had supper and all toddled off to bed.

Saturday we were supposed to go to The Art Institute of Tampa where my neice, Amanda, wants to go to school for culinary arts. Dani and I were going to tag along so we could see the Art college (literal art since she is a fabulous artist) but she wigged out at the last minute. She decided that it was too scary and she didn't want to go. Since she wasn't going I wasn't going to leave Mom home with both the girls considering I drug her all over Disney creation yesterday. Dad went with them and we decorated the house for Christmas. It was fun. After we finished and had lunch, Dani and I went out to Michael's and then Books A Million for a Peppermint Bark Mocha and light reading. She loves going to get Manga books so she can get inspiration and half the time she ends up getting a "How To Draw Manga" book... there are like 40 in the series. She saves up her allowance for them and at least once a month we toddle over for her latest installment. I got plain bags to decorate for my Christmas gifts I am handing out to my cast. I've been drawing the Mickey Ornament on them and writing "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" in red and green. I really like how they are turning out. I have completed 8 and have 22 left to go!

Like I said earlier, they went home today. Once they left, around 8 a.m., we commenced to cleaning up everything. All sheets, towels and clothes came down for washing and Mom & Daddy went out for their traditional Sunday morning breakfast. While they were gone Dani and I pulled the leaf out of the table and cleaned up for Mom. I then came up here, uploaded my pictures, checked my email and ran out of time for blogging - hence the late message tonight. I did manage to find time to check out my favorite sites and then take care of the three S's before running out the door to DRC.

All in all, it was nice... but it is also nice to be back to normal. Now, I am gonig to go and curl up in my nice comfortable bed and get some sleep. Hopefully I won't wake up several times over the course of the night to use my inhaler or tell Sami to go back to sleep... we'll see.

Be good poppets and I'll see you soon!


BettyMac said...

So good to see Dave.... I haven't seen him since, what.... 1990s (early). Good grief, time goes by way too fast!

P88hBear said...

I know and the worst part is... we don't look much different, do we!! Apparently our family tree is lined with Cabbage Patch Dolls and some DNA from Dick Clark!