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29 October 2006

Just call me Dr. P88hBear!

So I have been having this wonderful cough that has hung on since I was really ill a few months back. No big deal right ~ allergy season and what not. Yeah, I think not!

WebMD is a wonderful thing, depending on how you look at it. You look at it and say "oh, I should see a doctor because this could be something"... or you look at it like I do and say "Oh, I should call the doctor because I have already diagnosed myself and now they need to fix it... and thank me for making their job easier"...

Back to the cough - worse at night, shortness of breath, tightness in chest and back, accompanied by other things a little too gross to write for the world... according to WebMD (and three other sites because I never believe just one) I have asthema.

Now, wouldn't you think that I would have known about this so called asthema when I was little? Is it even possible for an adult to just all of a sudden show up with asthema? Apparently the answer to the second is yes and the first is no... though my mama is a nurse and she would have known so I don't claim responsibility on that one.

So, I have to find a doctor (we all know how much I love them), make an appointment and then actually go to it so they can poke and prod me all morning / afternoon (depends on the day of week as to whether or not it will be morning or afternoon) and then probably tell me what I told them since I am now a doctor via the internet.

Good to know what has been ailing me for the past few months... bad on the treatment options. What?!?! You think I would figure out what it was and then not go look at the alternatives to it... please.


P88hBear said...

So an hour after this post I could not breath at all and my father took me to the ER. I have acute bronchitis with bronchilia spasms and asthma... joy, joy, joy.

Three breathing treatments later and an equal amount of prescriptions, I was good to go home.

Wiped out today but I haven't had a fit today either which is good. I called out from work and am just chilling. Think I am going to go and crawl in bed.

BettyMac said...

My poor p88hbear! I hope you are feeling better... how did Halloween go at your house?